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Friday 31 December 2010

Happy New Year from DesignTrawler.com

DesignTrawler.com wishes you a very happy and prosperous New Year! May 2011 be filled with fantastic finds, inspired ideas and brilliant concepts from around the world.

Many thanks to all of our readers including those in the US, UK, Luxembourg, South Korea and Japan, our 36 readers in Iraq, Blackberry readers, iPad readers and everyone that has emailed in.

I look forward to our first Birthday in May, our 100th article and what ever the future holds for this little website. It's been a fun journey so far and I hope you enjoy the perspectives to come.

Well Designed Champagne to Toast 2010

It's been a great year with some remarkable finds from around the globe. What better way to see in the New Year than with some suitably well designed fizz.

From Hediard in Monaco; Alpha Romeo prosecco by Scrimaglio Wines. From Maxim's Restaurant in Paris; Année Follée Champagne. And if you have nothing better than Moët (or if the thought of flashing a bottle of vintage Krug around fills you with embarrassment) you can hide your marque with this fur cooler from Restoration Hardware in New York.

A Very Postmodern Reindeer Fur Throw

Already a veritable game reserve with springbok, wolf, cow and pony, any more deceased animals in the Mancave might prompt a visit from unwashed Greenpeace sorts yielding cans of red paint.

This pure new lambswool blanket is made in Norway by Røros-Tweed who have been making blankets and woolen items in the town of Røros since 1936 (They also count the Japanese Emperor and Christian Dior as clients). Purchased in the Apgujeong district of Seoul, it's the perfect postmodern animal fur. No reindeer were harmed in the making of this article.

Three Elements of a Bespoke Bed

Somebody once said "invest in good shoes and a good bed; if you aren't in one, you're in the other". When it comes to the latter, nobody puts together a masculine platform like Ralph Lauren - but that monogram doesn't come cheap.

While having some suits made, I had the idea of asking if I could get some pillow cases made from the same Super 120's wool & cashmere cloth. Not a problem; £10 for each one Sir. Amazing, and far cheaper than the designer equivalent.

But why stop at bespoke cloth? How about a bespoke headboard in the style of Mies van der Rohe's iconic Barcelona Expo chair? Add some monochrome framed hotel style sheets from the US, and the only thing you're missing are your own initials on the inside label.

Keeping it Clean - Winnif Pang's Razor

Designer stubble is all well and good, but sometimes even the well groomed gent needs to clean things up a little. Rising to the occasion is this simple Muji/Apple inspired razor by Hong Kong Based designer (and ex Chairman of the HKDA) Winnif Pang - but it isn't for the face; rather the bathroom mirror.

Yes, this 'razor' is actually for de-misting the looking glass before getting down to business with your Acqua di Parma Collezione Barbiere. Spotted in the Kosney lifestyle store in the Myeongdong district of Seoul, it's about time somebody brought the concept of designer grooming to the home.
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