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Friday 31 December 2010

Three Elements of a Bespoke Bed

Somebody once said "invest in good shoes and a good bed; if you aren't in one, you're in the other". When it comes to the latter, nobody puts together a masculine platform like Ralph Lauren - but that monogram doesn't come cheap.

While having some suits made, I had the idea of asking if I could get some pillow cases made from the same Super 120's wool & cashmere cloth. Not a problem; £10 for each one Sir. Amazing, and far cheaper than the designer equivalent.

But why stop at bespoke cloth? How about a bespoke headboard in the style of Mies van der Rohe's iconic Barcelona Expo chair? Add some monochrome framed hotel style sheets from the US, and the only thing you're missing are your own initials on the inside label.
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