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Friday, 13 January 2012

Bathtime Supplies for Men

Back in the bathroom with a selection of mancave friendly bathroom supplies. Pictured alongside the previously mentioned Cote Bastide Ambre 'bubble bath for blokes' are a selection of hair and body products from self-proclaimed 'official suppliers to men' American Crew, mandarin and peppermint salts from Japan Based apothecary Marks & Web and hakutan white charcoal chunks from Bal's J.Period concept stores [shown on C74 Marukei Melamineware from Comme De Garcon's Good Design Shop, Omotesando by D&Department Project]

Rules for Living by UnhappyHipsters.com

Another excellent find from Livraria Cultura in Sao Paulo, It's Lonely in the Modern World is the sort of book that anyone that enjoys reading DesignTrawler.com should run out and buy immediately. A manifesto for all Saab driving, house proud modernists [or those aspiring to be such], the book lays out in spectacular detail 'the rules'.

The rules of what exactly? Take for example the extract that advises, when hosting a dinner party "The number of kitchen appliances on display should be inversely proportionate to the number of guests" or for the bathroom "Choose a steel seat and use it to hold a single folded towel". Of course, it's all a bit of fun... apart from of course, when it's all absolutely true, which is all of the time...

"Most people have become attached to the idea of 'comfort' when sitting. With modern furniture, however, it is important to rethink your concept of what is comfortable. In a thickly cushioned chair, your body may be supported - but at what price to your design values? Your intellect? It is better to focus on the pure joy of being close to high design than to slump into an overstuffed chair for a nap" - UnhappyHipsters.com

Self Destructing Typography

Browsing through the shelves of designer-perfect stationary in the excellent Delfonics Marunouchi stationers in Tokyo, I spotted this typographic wall calendar. Designed by Ornella Noorda for Milan based design house Nava Design, it features tear-off sheets of meter-long months.

The simple colour combinations and clever use of language, typographic size, geometry and spacing make it more NYC Subway Map fine art print than international calendar. At first, the prospect of ripping to bits, month by month, this work of brilliance filled me with terror. It still does, but the prospect of destroying each beautiful leaf, revealing another combination of colours and numbers until nothing is left [sob] is instantly more thrilling.

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