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Monday 31 December 2012

The Shape of Things to Come

While my 2,000 year old Han Dynasty warrior head is probably my favourite design item, the most important item in my collection is something entirely different. This festive bauble is a miniature version of the Quin.MGX form, most commonly available as a pendant light, from Belgian firm Materialise.

Designed by Yale mathematician turned artist, Bathsheba Grossman, the Quin is the poster child of the 3D printing design revolution. The intricate shape would otherwise be impossible to realise. It's second only to the wheel in terms of what it represents from a design, engineering & aesthetic perspective.

Saturday 15 December 2012

Design Trawler's Design Directory

The year wouldn't be complete without a trip to 2012's World Design Capital. This year, Helsinki wore the crown and Design Trawler dropped by for 24 hours en route to Singapore, Hong Kong, Taipei and Tokyo. More pictures from the Scandinavian scouting trip below.

With so many cities on the agenda, It's time to launch the Design Directory; a summary of Design Trawler's best design stores, caves and cafe's visited over the past few years. Helsinki included, find top recommendations, rated and ranked, city by city from across the globe.

Copper Hangs On - HAY

Big brother of design classic the paperclip, the wire clothes hanger is an iconic every day item. Danish design house HAY makes things a little less laundrette with these anodised aluminium hangers. Smartly finished in the must have metal; copper; the wire of the body rejoins the neck without the traditional 'twist' - a subtle detail that separates the HAY hanger from the rest. Perfect for Saville Row open rails.
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