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Sunday 31 July 2011

Design Trawler for the BBC

For the past 18 months, Design Trawler has been filming with the BBC for a brand new prime time television series. The eagle eyed amongst you will have noticed that Design Trawler isn't 18 months old - This website was a product of the journey toward the multi million pound series and the 3 year production schedule that accompanies it.

Stay tuned next month for further updates and insight into the main product of the Design Trawler journey.

Saturday 30 July 2011

£140m Penthouse - Comes with £16.50 Dachshund

I'll try not to be smug about this one, because I do admire Nick & Christian Candy. The design and development empire created by the two brothers is responsible for the world's most expensive penthouse (the £200m La Belle Epoque in Monaco), and more recently, London's most expensive pad, the £140m penthouse at One Hyde Park.

Flicking through the marketing materials from One Hyde Park, I noticed a cheeky yet familiar silver dachshund perched on a side table (pictured). Familiar because the same one lives on a bookshelf in the Mancave. Cheeky because 'Daki' isn't a solid silver Asprey prop, but a £16.50 thrill from Chelsea retailer India Jane. Busted.

Sunday 24 July 2011

Nendo Kotoli for Ruinart - It's all in the Box

Designed by Japanese design house Nendo, this gift box for champagne Ruinart is a secret trunk of design treasures. Kotoli means 'little birds' in Japanese and the two stemless crystal glasses are designed to perch on the telegraph-pole handles and chrome branch stopper that accompanies the bottle from champagne's oldest Maison.

Such is the conceptual excellence of the Kotoli gift box, that the highly prized paulownia wood drawers reflect the delicate nature of the Blanc de Blancs, and are designed to slide apart in the style of traditional Japanese screens. Masterfully assembled and remarkable value, the 'litte birds' are sure to 'fly off' the very few shelves that'll host them.

Blomus Copo Teapot - Design Failure

Unlike the original Blomus steel 'soap' at MoMa (pictured right), the Blomus Copo teapot fails dramatically in both form and function. Official photos present a well scaled, streamline design balancing clean ceramics and modern steel. In reality the Copo is poorly scaled and bulky; suffering from a footprint that is too large and too flat, poor visual balance of materials and a disastrous spout that sends sencha dribbling down the side after every serving. Fail.
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