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Sunday 21 November 2010

Faux Fur - Caveman & GQ Gent Approved

Synonymous with the wealthy fashionistas, alpine log cabins and yes, prehistoric cavemen, fur is an effective and iconic material. An absolute luxury in today's society, its use seems to attract the wrong sort of attention (as anyone who has ever strolled past Harrods will know).

Thankfully, a market exists in super luxury, super high quality faux fur. Today, demand for this premium and ethical product outstrips supply by a considerable amount (Japan alone is thought to consume one third of global output).

This Iberian Wolf fur throw from UK based specialists Faux Fur Throws, is made in England and exceptional in every way. Priced at just under £100, the lustre, depth and fineness of the fibres would be enough to fool  any Russian oligarch - And if you're not out to impress visiting tycoons, the company's association with Tatler and GQ should make you popular with visiting supermodels too.
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