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Friday 26 July 2013

Casual Friday's & Weekend Bedding

The rituals of our daily dress codes aren't only for when we leave the home. For occasions when Boateng inspired bedding is a little formal [or for summers in the Hamptons / Islands / Highlands] ivy league clothier Gant offers up a range of cable knits, pinstripe linens and suitably Jack Purcell Americana.

Her Majesty's Most Wanted

This summer, Design Trawler was invited by the Evening Standard join the Judging Panel for the annual New Homes Awards. The most prestigious trophy in the business, shortlisted homes were presided over by trendsetters, tastemakers and arbiters of taste across twelve categories.

Presiding over 'Best Apartment' and 'Best Luxury' - everything from Mayfair duplexes owned by the Crown Estate, to New York style lofts were subject to the scrutiny of Design Trawler. Click below to find out who took home the silver, and why Design Trawler won't be getting a Christmas Card from Buckingham Palace.

Tuesday 9 July 2013

Good Dog - Blue Dog

At the risk of upsetting RSPCA sorts, animals in the home are best skinned and made in to carpets, bathmats, blankets or wine coolers. If you can't guarantee they won't do their business against your Carlo Molino writing desk, or otherwise gnarl a hole in your Corbusier LC-2, they're best kept outside.

Much better to Fido by way of fun Brazilian pop art. This is Blue Dog. Acquired from Romero Britto's flagship gallery in Miami, Blue Dog pre-dates even the Man Cave. Loyally ascending to greatness, from Bond Street to Buckingham palace, Britto's Blue Dog has found itself in the windows of Opera Gallery and counts the Queen, amongst others, as one of its owners.

Bedside Explorer - Design Trawler

You can tell a lot about a person based on who what they sleep with. As humans, we tend to snooze close to the things we love most. How many people go to bed with a Blackberry? Point proven. Wall-safes are typically behind headboard paintings, and we all know where James Bond keeps his Walther PPK at night.

On Design Trawler's bedside table trunk, the trend is no different. A chrome hotel bell; passport [current] in a silver frame and 2,000 year old Han Dynasty warrior head to ward off evil spirits. It all points to exploration, collection, and dreams ladened with frequent flier miles. Jules Verne would be proud.

Monday 8 July 2013

Polish Cold War Neon

The sound of a Polish Cold War Neon museum might not give curators at the MoMa any sleepless nights, but the old warehouse in SoHo Factory area of Warsaw is a design must-see. The space is the bricks-and-mortar continuation of the book which captured the world's attention.

But it's the museum gift shop boutique that comes up trumps. Forget postcards and pencil-sharpeners. Alongside the book that started it all, are one-off typographic prints, ceramics and sculpture featuring the high-voltage fonts. With the popularity of heavy-hitting neon artists like Chris Bracey and Tracy Emin the museum's future looks very bright! Expect some specially commissioned neon art to be featured here soon.
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