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Thursday 29 March 2012

Design Solidarity - A Black Ribbon for Habitat

It's not often that contemporary high street designs street become iconic classics. Designed in 2004, this smart ribbon light designed by Claire Norcross for Habitat, has been relentlessly invading homes, hotels and design bibles.

Synonymous with the furniture store that Sir Terrance Conran founded in 1964, the single profile of cleverly shaped steel is bold, sharp and sophisticated; ideal for man cave side lighting. This demure black version is available from £40 and also serves as a subtle nod of solidarity with the struggling British design institution.

Retro Design Cripples Innovation - Looks Great

Flicking recently through Wired Magazine, I read an excellent article by Clive Thompson. It [brilliantly] argues that "retro design is crippling innovation". Introducing skeumorphs; or design elements necessary in the past but carried forward to the present, where technically no longer required.

Skeumorphs can hold back design, especially digital design. Where mechanics are still required however, form shaped by function can still be beautiful. Take this speedometer style thermometer/hydrometer from Mitsukoshi in Ginza. I'm not sure if a speedo style thermometer is an unoriginal skeumorph, but it does look great in the bathroom.

Thursday 15 March 2012

Coffee Table Camp Fires

More white charcoal from J.Period - this time in the living room. The porcelain-like Japanese carbon absorbs odours, but far more importantly, looks enigmatic and sculptural in the silver Malteser dispenser from Argentina. Like a metaphorical campfire in the middle of the room, perfect for toasting metaphorical marshmallows... or tangerines.
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