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Thursday 5 July 2012

Frequent Flyers - Vain Ducks

Passing through the British Airways lounge at Brussels airport, I spotted a fun series of photographs by Edinburgh born artist Anna Boggon. The series, features a number of mirror houses scattered throughout the open farmyard at Hackney City Farm. Resident ducks flirt and preen at their reflections in the smart, architectural surroundings.

I can't help but think, is this supposed to be a jibe at frequent flyers? Jostling amongst one another for top-tier status before hitting the sky? it should be. Or, perhaps it says more about Design Trawler than it does about the artist?

Scent of Succsess - Gold for Molton Brown

I mentioned back in January that 2012 was a year for golden metals. The new fragrance from Molton Brown, purveyor of locker-room staple black pepper, firmly agrees. Londinium, in limited edition gold for the Olympics, is described as having notes of bergamont, oakmoss and malt whisky. A capital blend with gold medal design from £75.

Flavia Liz - Tornado of a Tour Guide

Sometimes even a relative pro in the field of Design Trawling needs a little help. After living in Brazil for nearly 9 months, I was put in touch with Flavia Liz De Paolo; somewhat of a rainmaker in the city of Sao Paulo. Her brief? Bring the best of the city's design and urban/contemporary art scene to the Editor and Chief of DesignTrawler.com

With less than 24 hours to put together an itinerary, read how this force of a private tour guide whipped out the key to the city, showing me more city in 3 hours than I was able to see in 9 months.

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