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Friday, 21 August 2015

The Design Diet

If you're not on a diet of Indonesian berries harvested under a full moon by civet cats, then you're probably subjecting your black Hyundaicard to eyewatering personal training fees this new year. Ever the pragmatist, Design Trawler offers up a diet that is sure to get your mind and body in shape.

For just over a thousand coins [no, not penny variety] this WaterRower in black American Walnut from the Conran Shop is all you need... well, apart from the optional laptop stand, said laptop and some Porsche Design apparel. With it's smooth-as-silk operation, circular water drum and satisfying 'splash' with every stroke; when the design is right, working out becomes a delight not a chore.

Whoever said you can't check Bloomberg or take that important video conference whilst pretending to be on the Thames in your navy blues?

Friday, 14 August 2015

Triple Glazed Provocation

Sometimes you see something that needs a second take. Other times, the impact of a first impression blows away the need for even a second glance. That's the effect of graphic artist Patrick Thomas's brilliant target prints. Thomas screenprints a fluro heart over discarded Braundruck shooting range targets - playfully, poignantly, and perhaps alarmingly, marrying the two iconic forms together.

Using a canvas that has been pierced by a bullet creates a work that is violent and thought provoking. Framing it required equal levels of consideration. Mounting the print between two sheets of glass allows it to float; fragile, it's captured and suspended in time and space. A third pane of glazing with a mount and gunmetal frame completes the metaphor.

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Introducing Ultraloft

If you don't like something; you can either stay well back and find something you do like, or stick around and be part of the solution. Well, it seems unlikely that newbuild developers and buy-to-let speculators are going to disappear anytime soon. Fifty shades of trade matt white, laminate oak and halogen spots remain de rigueur and, that's just not on. Something needs to be done. Well, something other than lambasting offending developers at prestigious award ceremonies.

Introducing Ultraloft by Design Trawler. With the Man Cave sold [to a delightful young lady as it would turn out], and despite my severe allergy to newbuilds, the latest chapter of design transformation enlightenment begins today. Taking on a generic London newbuild [pictured], Design Trawler will, over the course of the coming months, document its rise from magnolia mediocrity to design super-stardom.

Sourcing the very best in design and design thinking from Sweden to Seoul, being part of the solution is the objective. With more space will come some great new furniture, technology, art and innovative materials. From old friends such as the penny floor, to long held design desires [secret door in a bookcase anyone?], think of it as Design Trawler 2.0 - Because newbuild is no excuse!
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