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Sunday, 18 December 2011

Upgrade 2 : Kettle 3 - Matti Does it Again

Unlike toasters which, over time, gentrify from unbranded beige boxes to shiny steel Dualit's, there is no single culinary icon of design for the kitchen kettle. A surprising design peculiarity for an object that's found in every home.

Not to be confused with Ketel One [but none the less European] the brilliantly designed Kettle Three from Stadler Form is a bold attempt at future design classic. Stadler Form's third and most expensive tea maker, Kettle Three is also Matti walker's third contribution to contempoary Mancave living after the Lilly fan and Henry air purifier.

Masculine Storage for Used Threads

It was 1985 when a handsome American chap walked in to a laundrette wearing a pair of Blue denim jeans to the soundtrack of 'I heard it though the Grapevine'. Ever since, Levi's 501's and laundry in general have retained a masculine iconicity that defy domesticity.

Unless your wardrobe consists entirely of blue jeans and black t-shirt's, a rather more practical solution to laundry might be required. While laundry baskets are suitable only for French bicycles and strawberry picking; barrels, trunks and crates win the Mancave storage seal of approval. This vintage wooden crate found in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo fits the bill perfectly with a City-esque charm perfect for storing your used threads until laundry day.

Saturday, 10 December 2011

How to Build a Container House

Browsing recently in the excellent Livraria Cultura bookstore in Sao Paulo, I came across Container Atlas. Billed as 'a practical guide to container architecture' the 250 page bible is a fantastic read. Published before Design Trawler's Isomodal Townhouse was conceived [and unfortunatley therefore an incomplete collection of container architecture]

In a curious turn of fortune however, publishers Gestalten will be responsible for publishing Arigato; a 240 page retrospective of Tokyo Designers Week; including the bowing Dom Arigato house by Design Traweler's designer duo. Available in March 2012, stay tuned for the inevitable book launch party at the Mancave. Signed copies on request.

Degrees of Separation - Black Interior Doors

The one thing that links a £10m London penthouse with a £10 a week London bedsit are interior doors. While the former may have gold handles, it's highly likely that both properties will have interior doors that are white in colour. 

The boutique hotel has long understood the bold effects of a wenge door; usually coupled with swathes of Malmaison style velvet in ghastly shades of plum. Satin black interior doors however, with chrome hardware and white frames dial things down; adding a smart degree of separation between the Mancave and those oh-so common penthouses.

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