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Sunday 31 October 2010

Piave - Italian for [Designer] Toothbrush

Ever wondered what the secret to an Italian supermodel smile is? The answer takes the form of these over well-designed toothbrushes from Italian toothbrush manufacturer Spazzolificio Piave. The special chrome and iconic Kent Comb style editions are made in Italy and certified by the University of Milan.

It isn't the first time the Italians have worked on a toothbrush, but refreshingly Piave gets it right with a focus on simple materials and simple angles. At around £5 each, these are an easy win for any design conscious boutique hotel, airline amenity kit or aspiring mancave locker-room.

The Locker Room - Chrome Louvre Vents

Following the previously mentioned post on interior signage, the mancave locker-room can be easily enhanced with additional hardware. These chrome louvre vents add an industrial coolness to the shower room; no cutting holes in your doors required. Be sure to use matching chrome machine screws.

Teak, Holly, Lacquer & Fizz... Veuve by Riva

It may be October 31st, but the combination of teak, holly, lacquer and fizz is no Halloween concoction (despite the seasonal pumpkin-yellow label of Veuve Clicquot's signature bottles). This presentation box for the 1998 Grande Dame from the aforementioned champagne house, is a work of design excellence.

Crafted by super-iconic Italian yacht maker Riva, it features a polished teak and holly construction: Reminiscent of the achingly cool wooden motoryachts dotted around Lake Como in Italy, and manufactured of course by Riva. Throw in some black lacquer, chrome, a engraved nameplate and you're ready to hit the water. Purchased from New York merchants Sherry-Lehmann on Park Avenue.

Paris 2010 - Les Puces du Design

This month, Design Trawler ventured over to Paris for the bi-annual design exhibit that is Les Puces du Design. Held twice a year, almost 100 design dealers from around Europe and the World gather to exhibit their best 20th century design pieces.

Like a kid in a candy store (or rather, the previously mentioned Can A Suc store), it was difficult to focus attention on any one area. Prices were high but the quality and variety of items made this 'flea market' a museum-quality exhibition - the bonus being everything's for sale. You can't say that about the V&A!

Architectural Sweetener - Design or Foodstuff?

I discovered the posh creative sugar company Can A Suc in the Printermps Haussmann store in Paris. While I'm not generally a fan of sugar in my coffee, it's just as well because this little spiral of perfectly shaped sugar 'steps' are best rolled-out for guests.

For around £30 you get  enough sugar pieces (in brown and white) to refill the perspex holder three or four times... at which point you can head back to Paris for a refill, or come up with a similarly artful way of displaying sugar cubes.
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