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Thursday 25 June 2015

Goose Down Forts in Duck Egg Blue

More alphabet inspired design cues, this time from the Middle East. Of particular interest in Doha's Cool Corner Suite is this headboard, or rather lack of one. Instead of being fixed to the bed, or protruding from the wall, the headboard is recessed in a gently curving cocoon of pale ivory and duck egg blue leather.

In retrospect it works brilliantly. Rather than shunting the bed out in to the middle of the bedroom, providing ample access to masked assailants and kidnappers [Design Trawler takes his night time security very seriously], the 'anti-headboard' gives the bed a reassuring 'design hug' and creates a wrap around, fort-like personal space that negates the need for dozens of goose-down castle walls.

Thursday 18 June 2015

Turning Walls Upside Down

Back in the days before Eames recliners and under floor heating, man had the clever idea of surrounding himself with walls. Clever because walls protected him from wind and sabre-tooth tigers, and especially clever because several thousand years later they provide ample opportunity for hanging Damien Hists, erecting great shelves filled with books and installing roaring fireplaces.

So walls are great, but unless you live in the Barcelona Pavilion, they also have a pesky tendency to block out light. But what if rather than blocking out the light, walls provided a internal source of light? That's the approach rAndom International have done with guest rooms at the W Taipei. Backlighting the very fabric of a room is blissfully simple and something I'd love to see upscaled in the design of an entire home.

Thursday 4 June 2015

Smart Toilets - Bottom of UK's List

Regular visitors to Japan will be familiar with the discretely positioned control panels in water closets across the country. While in the UK we're wirelessly streaming music around the house, operating heating from tablet and opening curtains with smartphones... we happily endure chilly loo seats.

But it's not for Japan's want of trying. Premier league toilet seat manufacturer Toto has had it's showroom in London's Clerkenwell for some years now, and even Samsung offer a remote control heating, washing and drying solution for under £200 (wireless streaming is of course, um, entirely optional).
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