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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Best of the Best - Masterpiece 2011

"From Bugatti to bronzes, Cartier to Cognac" - That's what the organisers of Masterpiece 2011 promised guests of the luxe collector's fair. DesignTrawler.com was invited to a special pre-preview this week before it opened to the public.

Here's what we found. After navigating through huddles of people air kissing, thier children playing hide and seek in between gleaming vintage Aston's and of course ninja waiters intent on keeping the Ruinart flowing as freely as the number of cheques being written... there were one or two gems.

Simon Khachadourian's Pullman Gallery was the clear knock-out featuring his vast collection of rare bar and smoking accessories, automobile bronzes, trophies, motorboat models and original 1920's transport posters. Pullman's new 6,000 square foot by appointment gallery space in Chelsea (pictured) has already been hailed by the international press as the ultimate Man Cave. Expect a full investigation from DesignTrawler very soon!

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Henry the Air Purifier

Another gem from Stadler Form's Matti Walker, the Henry Air Purifier is an ultra-modern machine for making sure that the air in the Mancave is nothing but perfect. Packed with manly sounding filtration methods like a titanium filter, plasma generator and ultra violet lamp, Henry sits quietly in the corner of the bedroom and does his thing.

The strangest thing about sleeping living with Henry is that the quiet, but audible, 'HVAC hum' places my mind in the environment of an aircraft cabin or hotel, effortlessly ready to drift off. As a frequent traveller, I can think of few other places that give me this sense of well-being, safety and reassurance.

The [Big] Kid's Got Style

Far be it from the Mancave to start entertaining thoughts of adding a second children's bedroom, I recently spotted this interior at Restoration Hardware. Clearly Jack's a lucky boy. Even as adults however, we're big kids at times and can certainly take a number of design cues from the 'all American' style. In particular I like the classic panelling, 'utility' nickel drawer handles and sporting references throughout.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Glencairn's Ultimate Whiskey Tumbler

'The Relentless Pursuit of Perfection' - That's the enigmatic motto for Japanese luxury car maker Lexus. Just like the Japanese who also appreciate a fine whiskey, I've been searching for the perfect lowball tumbler for some years now. The ultimate whiskey tumbler needs to be heavy and exhibit ice-cube coolness with the right balance of angles and curves. A few month's ago I found it. The monogrammed Walker & Son crystal tumbler from Glencairn in Scotland.

Upon enquiring I was told that the glasses were used for Blue Label tastings and were not for sale. After pouring on the charm and pulling a vulgar stunt with a Brown Amex, the Harrods Wine & Spirits Manager deemed the glasses to be worth £20 each if purchased with the accompanying Blue Label limited edition gift set. *wince*

The equivalent of buying a Lexus because you want a coupe of monogrammed wheel nuts. Anyone need a ride?
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