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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Flaming Fit Michelin Cooktops

The Electrolux Grand Cuisine range of appliances are designed for the very best homes in the world. Everyone is talking about the £10,000 blast chillers, vacuum sealers and computerised ovens that are used by Tom Aikens and Nuno Mendes, but the jewel from a design perspective is the bold gas hob.

Architectural cast iron supports and solid brass burners are hot as, well, the unique flower flame that automatically adjusts to the size of the pan it's heating. And boy can it heat! Demonstrated at The Royal Geographic Society, during Design Week, the Grand Cuisine was able to boil a litre of water in 60 seconds.

3m² Urban Oasis - Sauna & Hammam by Jacuzzi

There's something timelessly traditional about the sauna. All that raw wood and pouring spring water on hot coals with a gigantic ladle. It's all very Scandinavian - and while there is little wrong with the ideals of a Scandinavian Sauna, it's the Jacuzzi Company that has taken things in to 'i Generation'.

Featuring 'emotional lighting', touch screen operation with bluetooth and MP3 connectivity, the Sashi Mi, displayed at Tent London is a 3sq meter urban oasis. Jacuzzi has also incorporated an independent Hammam and rain forest shower for wellness from every latitude.

Desktop Empires by Wilson & Benn

As predicted, 2012 has been a year which has embraced golden metals such as brass, bronze and copper. This delightful playset from the brilliant Wilson & Benn is jewelry for the desk. Achingly smart industrial forms cast in iron, steel and brass have a fantastical functional story.

W&B's set of Tradesman's Wedges are design bullion to Desktop Empire's desk jewelry. Gorgeously engraved like the Bank of England's finest, the three wedges are cast in brass, phosphor bronze and gunmetal. Individually numbered masculine ingots of craft and design, function and form.

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