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Saturday, 24 October 2015

Bottega Ikea Leather Weave

I know I give Ikea a hard time when it comes to their disposable art decorations, but every now and again the purveyor of plywood picture frames comes up trumps. These woven stoage boxes, with elegant loop handle and silver stud punch way above their £10 price tag.

A nod to the signature intrecciato woven leather of Itallian couture house Bottega Veneta, the Bladis box could sit quite happily alongside Veneta's £200 pencil holders, £300 tissue boxes and £400 picture frames [or Montecristo 'A' cigars]. Ideal for storing the neatly stacked piles of cash you've just saved.

Friday, 16 October 2015

A Shovel a Day...

There are few occasions where being on the receiving end of a shovel represents an auspicious start to your day [unless you're an animal awaiting feed, or have a penchant for cinematic murders and forestry].

Putting my homicidal tendencies Japanese rice keeper to better use as a breakfast keep, this cast steel Westmark spade from the Conran Shop dispenses the perfect serving of ante meridiem feed with a satisfyingly utilitarian aesthetic. Available in a variety of sizes for every appetite.

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Guggenheim Museum of Culinary Design

This morning, somewhat dreary eyed, I carried myself to the kitchen to prepare breakfast. Nothing unusual there. Opening the cupboard to grab a bowl for my Cartier Crunch [again, nothing unusual], in a moment of surreal [but probably unusual] consideration, I stopped and thought to myself... 

"Why do I have a scale model of the Guggenhein Muesum where the bowls should be?"

Well, they say that the mind works best in the morning, but I think I accidentally just busted one of the greatest architects of all time. Frank Lloyd Wright clearly had a fondness for design in the mornings... and white kitchenware, which, is of course expected mandated for all great designers.
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