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Wednesday 31 May 2017

Commissions for my Yacht

Three years ago in Rio, I was mysteriously compelled to buy a mammoth two meter mixed-media canvas and transport it the near 6,000 miles back to London. Two years later, in moving to Ultraloft, I finally had the space to display the modernist beauty in the dining room.

Only on taking delivery of this rather smart Americas Cup IACC race yacht, did I notice the striking resemblance. Like a Mondrian portrait of Prada's Luna Rossa, it's remarkable how the hues and balance are almost identical between sailboat and canvas. I've never commissioned artwork for the home, but it appears I've skipped a step, and have instead been retrospectively commissioning art for my yacht!

I wonder if my love of neon signs means I should pick up a Las Vegas casino or two...

Thursday 18 May 2017

Ambient Floods from Above

If for a moment, you gloss over the delectable solid steel Andrew Martin cargo book cabinet, and effortlessly overlook the Polish laser-cut typography found in Ultraloft's study, you may notice some stadium-worthy interior floodlights [remote controlled and dimmable, naturally, by bluetooth app]

Convened by Made.com as a floor light, and despite having a particularly refined flooring with which to illuminate, my thoughts instead turned to the heavens. By resting the row of five filaments on the full height cabinet and using the ceiling as a reflector, the floodlight becomes an uplight and produces a warm aura that's both functional and diffused [Batman silhouettes optional]

Tuesday 2 May 2017

Louboutin of Dustbins - Delights Absolutely

John Emerich Edward Dalberg-Acton, the 1st Baron Acton is largely known for his famous saying "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely." That may well be, but times have changed since the 1887 remark and Design Trawler isn't particularly fussed about lobbying Rome against papal infallibility. I'd like to think that if old man Acton was around today he'd be a fan of Design Trawler and instead comment "Design tends to delight, and absolute design delights absolutely".

In this respect, nothing in the Ultraloft can escape design and my insatiable desire to be delighted by everything that crosses its threshold. Absolute Design. This kitchen bin is proof that even the most mundane object can delight, and Frédéric Périgot in creating the Frisbee bin for Rossignol does just so. The Louboutin of dustbins; it features a perfect metal/epoxy finish in cement grey and contrasting removable inner in the brightest Jaffa orange. Get yours from Conran.
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