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Thursday 19 February 2015

Popeworthy Suite Design

The Bristol Hotel's 92m² Deluxe Suite in Warsaw is the sort of suite you'd want to marry. While the Versailles-like Paderewski Suite makes a great one night stand stay (if you're fond of Louis IXV furniture), the design elements of it's little cousin should feature in any apartment worth it's designer [bath] salt.

Take the living room - The desk behind the sofa allows you to glance up from your affairs and keep an eye on BBC News on TV, your guests by the fireplace, and staff entering through the impressive double doors. Very Feng-Shui. It's got a wrap-around balcony that'd make the Pope jealous and an excellent system of 'break glass in emergency' connecting bedrooms... in case you have an emergency visit from said Pontiff.

Wednesday 11 February 2015

U+ Suspend Clock by Alan Wisniewski

I've always loved contemporary artist/taxidermist Polly Morgan's sculptures. Some feature birds with a delicate balloon suspended in a glass dome. These domes are an iconic way of drawing attention to precious objects, and the fragility of the whole ensemble creates a museum-like artefact to behold.

Alan Wisniewski has got it perfectly right with his Suspend Clock for Umbra's premium U+ Studio Collection. The walnut clock face cleverly floats in mid air, it's contour perfectly matching the dome around it. Like Polly's balloons, the effect is fragile and mesmerising. Time captured and suspended.

Tuesday 3 February 2015

RIP Amex Centurion - The Hyundaicard Black

It's time to retire your American Express Centurion card. I never thought I'd say it, but the gilded frame has had its day. When you're in the mood to acquire serious design you need an equally seriously payment method [sadly, this is one occasion when Design Trawler favourite Ozwald Boateng is a little low brow]

Hyundaicard have been designing and exhibiting designer plastic metal in Korea since 2003. Each card is designed to perfection but it's the top tier that stands apart. The top offering, 'The Black' is, like the Centurion, made of metal, but eschews decoration in favour of enigmatic iconigraphy.

Such is the strengths of the Hyundaicard design, that Mastercard have been convinced to move their logo to the rear of the card, as not to upset the subtle dimple on the card's bottom right corner. Limited to 2,000 global VIP's [each getting access to a dedicated 'clubhouse' in downton Seoul], our man at Hyundai informs us that Design Hero Tyler Brûlé get's on particularly well with the Korean invitation committee.
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