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Monday, 9 February 2015

An Attractive Portfolio

Regular readers of Design Trawler will know I have a fondness for the blurry world of art and enterprise. Where does the line between attractive folly and attractive investment sit? Does it exist at all? Well, that won't be answered here, but nonetheless, take a look at these attractive enterprise-themed follies...

My collection of antique stock certificates culminated last month with the arrival of a beautiful slice of the Société Anonyme André Citroën; or rather a share certificate from the ubiquitous French car maker responsible for gems like the DS. Dated 1927, it sits alongside an attractive portfolio from the era; ranging from real estate investments in the Cote d'Azue and Biarritz, to L'Autodrome automotive raceway, the Stadium de Paris, and Union Diamantifère diamond company. Art and enterprise in perfect alignment.

Monday, 2 February 2015

Petrus, Thunderstorms and Pipe Tobacco

Call me a kleptomaniac, but I can never quite bring myself to leave a cork [correctly presented to diners by a smart sommelier] on the dining table after I leave a restaurant. Likewise, even when I open up the cellars of Ultraloft for a splash of Petrus on a Tuesday evening, the noble cork will be salvaged.

From restaurant table to pocket, or from home cellar to hand, corks of all designs and pedigrees invariably end up in vases or crystal platters scattered around Ultraloft. Who needs dried flowers smelling of moon harvested orchids and Indonesian ylang ylang when you can apply a fine mist of 'Thunderstorm' or 'Pipe Tobacco' from Demeter to said bottle-stoppers? This is home fragrance done right.
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