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Thursday 2 February 2017

Planes, Yachts and Italian Scooters

I often debate with myself 'when I'm not in Ultraloft, where do I feel most at home?'. While on some days, I seem to live on the London Underground [yes, even Design Trawler commutes], there is something about a life in transit that's alluring.

As any frequent flier will tell you, the glorious feeling of being in the skies without a care, phone signal, or limit to the finely balanced bubbles that merrily dance through your eleventh glass of Krug is a contender for the prefect home away from home. So too is life on a yacht; like the aircraft; yet with more room to roam, more architectural curves, teak, chrome, azure oceans and freshly caught seafood to accompany the Dame Clicquot's finest. Or what about Italy? Grand palazzos, Italian design at it's finest, Portofino, pasta and prosecco. It's a tough decision for Design Trawler.

Imagine my surprise therefore, when I discovered a hotel that caters to this very niche home-from-home demand; part aircraft, part yacht, part Italian villaggio... it's even part tube carriage too!

Design Apartments Budapest is a smart little boutique hotel located off the city's main shopping street with four themed guestrooms. While normally the concept of a themed hotel would make me recoil with the pungent sent of kitsch, Design Apartments brought a kiddish smile to my face that I found difficult to get rid of.

The exceptionally priced rooms are creatively designed with mezzanine bedrooms and interesting architectural and design touches reflecting the theme of each room. The hotel's corridor is constructed using a real metro carriage; real scooters make for interesting bar stools in the Italy apartment; nautical latches adorn the cupboards in the Yacht apartment, while airline seats and illuminated circular windows make a compelling appearance in the beautifully quirky Aircraft apartment.

Indeed the carpet in the aircraft 'cabin' is a spot-on match for those found in the skies, and ever so slightly runs up the lower parts of the wall - It's so well done you'd be forgiven for waking up in the bedroom pod believing you're 40,000ft in the air. Marvellous and great fun for a short stop over in Budapest. Kitsch it is, but it's refreshingly fun. It presents a genuine dilemma when it comes to deciding on a room to stay in. My advice; stay in all three!

Book and stay at Design Apartments Budapest here

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