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Thursday 13 April 2017

The Organic Alarm Clock

One year ago, Design Trawler brought you the hugely successful Design Diet [#1 - Buy an attractive rowing machine, #2 - Buy an attractive frying pan, #3 - Buy some attractive groceries]. You're welcome. But being fit as a fiddle, still won't solve the age old problem of getting out of bed in the mornings to row, cook and consume all those well designed trappings of your picture postcard life.

Fear not! For Design Trawler has the solution! For the price of ten fine, Meganesian sheepskins, expertly dyed, and stitched together by the chaps at Auskin, you can strategically position the pictured king of floor coverings alongside your sleeping platform of choice.

The unshorn long wool is scientifically proven to be the only material known to man that's more cosy than a warm bed on a cold Monday morning. Bare feel are guaranteed to be drawn to it the moment the alarm goes off. Just don't sleep on it, or you'll be sucked in to it's lustrous pile, never to emerge again.
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