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Friday 10 March 2017

Playful, Bold & Considerate at Heart

Almost one year after taking on Ultraloft, the first room renovation is complete. Starting with the heart of the home, Design Trawler's kitchen scheme takes inspiration from Clive Christian, the Southern Med and the open restaurant kitchen for a look that's warm, sharp and packed with character.

Minimalist it may not be, but if the kitchen is the heart of the home, far better that heart to be playful, bold and considerate, than generic, sterile and plain. Read on for the what and why for each element...

Starting with lavastone grey mitred cabinets with a while carrara marble worktop in the style of Italian delis and the world's most expensive kitchen outfitter at Clive.com, an eccentric mix of oversize pattern tiles from Topp's Boutique collection provide a vibrant signature in the face of the white metro tile.

A heat treated mirror splashback and rectangular eye level mirrors evoke views in to an open restaurant kitchen, providing ample opportunity to admire your face flambéing and catch a glimpse of the open cabinetry opposite the stove. The steel chimney, again, a reference to pro kitchens and emphasised with blackboard paint above the mirrors ready for today's specials to be etched on to the walls.
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