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Tuesday 1 August 2017

A Stove in Wolf's Clothing

Wolf & Subzero have always represented a design style of the hulking monolith variety. Gigantic stainless steel beasts that require weightlifter sorts to deliver [and weightlifter sorts to consume the farmyard of rib-eye that they invariably prepare]. Lightweight, they are not; by physicality, style or by price.

That said, this summer, dining at five storey Georgian townhouse on Fitzroy Square, I witnessed our chef masterly sear prime cuts of said bovine on the integrated charbroiler of the freestanding Wolf Range. This, I instantly thought, is a stove worthy of Ultraloft. Unfortunately for me however, it was also a stove that cost about the same as an Ultraloft.

The solution? This inexpensive retrofit cast iron griddle plate. It seamlessly sits atop of a standard gas stove gives an instant nod to the beast of Fitzroy Square.
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