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Friday 5 February 2016

Blue Bentleys & Herringbone Bolsters

I have fond memories of being carted off to jumble sales at the Great Barn in Ruislip as a child. Rummaging through crates of bric-à-brac, like a young Indiana Jones to chance upon a... well, I haven't the foggiest what I ever chanced upon, as nothing in my collection hails from the 700 year old cow-shed. But the seed, or rather feed, was sewn nonetheless.

Enjoyable as sifting through curios at the Place du Jeu de Balle today may be, the experience is, like those early childhood adventures, largely folly and seldom fruitful. Unlike the Spring Clean event held to support charity Kids Company...

Taking place on Redchurch in the heart of Shoreditch, the suitably grown up jumble sale sources items donated by the heavyweights of the capital's design scene. Interior legend Martin Brudnizki offering up chairs from Daphne's, and chandeliers from the Dean St. Townhouse. They sit alongside neon sculpture from artist a'la mode Chris Bracey, and gushing in before me, Chelsea socialites in ink-blue chauffeured Bentleys - All sunglasses and smiles while precariously balancing piles of ever-so-tasteful cushions to contribute to the cause.

Knowing a great barn when I see one, how could I resit the invitation? Picking up this pair of dapper herringbone bolsters from British looms at Beulah for the cygnet grey Chou sleeper in the study.
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