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Friday 31 July 2015

Contemporary Arabesque in 2014

It's a new year, which can only mean new trends, new textures, and new tastes. Dishing up the veritable feast of design in 2014, Design Trawler puts forward the prediction of what's going to be shaping the popular discerning aesthetic this year.

Last year the chips were stacked on deep textures, reflective fabrics, and warmer metals such as copper and brass. This looks set to continue [ex. copper], but as the world grows achingly bored of recession-induced restraint, materials and design are going to become richer and more confident.

Pattern will be at the forefront and the Middle East is showing increasing signs of maturity in this space. Contemporary geometrics in warm silvers and golds [like the pictured lattice doors at I. M. Pei's breathtaking Museum of Islamic Art in Qatar] sit beautifully against the vanguard of old money materials such as marble and lacquer. Similarly, 3D printing will drive a thirst for this intricate detail, but in a more organic form long championed by Zaha Hadid and Karim Rashid.
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