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Sunday 18 December 2011

Masculine Storage for Used Threads

It was 1985 when a handsome American chap walked in to a laundrette wearing a pair of Blue denim jeans to the soundtrack of 'I heard it though the Grapevine'. Ever since, Levi's 501's and laundry in general have retained a masculine iconicity that defy domesticity.

Unless your wardrobe consists entirely of blue jeans and black t-shirt's, a rather more practical solution to laundry might be required. While laundry baskets are suitable only for French bicycles and strawberry picking; barrels, trunks and crates win the Mancave storage seal of approval. This vintage wooden crate found in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo fits the bill perfectly with a City-esque charm perfect for storing your used threads until laundry day.

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