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Saturday 30 July 2011

£140m Penthouse - Comes with £16.50 Dachshund

I'll try not to be smug about this one, because I do admire Nick & Christian Candy. The design and development empire created by the two brothers is responsible for the world's most expensive penthouse (the £200m La Belle Epoque in Monaco), and more recently, London's most expensive pad, the £140m penthouse at One Hyde Park.

Flicking through the marketing materials from One Hyde Park, I noticed a cheeky yet familiar silver dachshund perched on a side table (pictured). Familiar because the same one lives on a bookshelf in the Mancave. Cheeky because 'Daki' isn't a solid silver Asprey prop, but a £16.50 thrill from Chelsea retailer India Jane. Busted.
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