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Thursday 23 June 2011

Glencairn's Ultimate Whiskey Tumbler

'The Relentless Pursuit of Perfection' - That's the enigmatic motto for Japanese luxury car maker Lexus. Just like the Japanese who also appreciate a fine whiskey, I've been searching for the perfect lowball tumbler for some years now. The ultimate whiskey tumbler needs to be heavy and exhibit ice-cube coolness with the right balance of angles and curves. A few month's ago I found it. The monogrammed Walker & Son crystal tumbler from Glencairn in Scotland.

Upon enquiring I was told that the glasses were used for Blue Label tastings and were not for sale. After pouring on the charm and pulling a vulgar stunt with a Brown Amex, the Harrods Wine & Spirits Manager deemed the glasses to be worth £20 each if purchased with the accompanying Blue Label limited edition gift set. *wince*

The equivalent of buying a Lexus because you want a coupe of monogrammed wheel nuts. Anyone need a ride?
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