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Friday, 28 February 2014

A Shovel a Day...

There are few occasions where being on the receiving end of a shovel represents an auspicious start to your day [unless you're an animal awaiting feed, or have a penchant for cinematic murders and forestry].

Putting my homicidal tendencies Japanese rice keeper to better use as a breakfast keep, this cast steel Westmark spade from the Conran Shop dispenses the perfect serving of ante meridiem feed with a satisfyingly utilitarian aesthetic. Available in a variety of sizes for every appetite.

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Guggenheim Museum of Culinary Design

This morning, somewhat dreary eyed, I carried myself to the kitchen to prepare breakfast. Nothing unusual there. Opening the cupboard to grab a bowl for my Cartier Crunch [again, nothing unusual], in a moment of surreal [but probably unusual] consideration, I stopped and thought to myself... 

"Why do I have a scale model of the Guggenhein Muesum where the bowls should be?"

Well, they say that the mind works best in the morning, but I think I accidentally just busted one of the greatest architects of all time. Frank Lloyd Wright clearly had a fondness for design in the mornings... and white kitchenware, which, is of course expected mandated for all great designers.

Prophecy of Pattern at Topps Boutique

As housing markets continue to heat up, as predicted, bold patterns and grand materials are now the indicators of hot property. Gone are the traditional associations of tile being little more than a functional necessity of bathrooms. What started with the 'metro tile' absolutely owning kitchen renovations post 2010 [the bubble will burst]... is graduating to both contemporary, almost 'graphically designed' pigmented designs in cement [pictured] and more subtle, purposefully mismatched mosaics like the excellent Batik and La Dolce Vita ranges from Topps Boutique.

The new format of especially curated high street stores bring the best of this brave new world of ceramics out of dusty retail park locations, and will quite probably ruin your plans for anything hardwood, glass splashbacked, or "white and as cheap as possible" for the visitors loo. Thankfully.

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Edison was not a Hipster

Edison style filament bulbs have been big business in Hoxton coffee shops, vintage boutiques and retro gastro pubs for a while now. While they draw attention to the design of the light source, unlike the very contemporary Plumen bulb the Edison bulb struggles to find a home in more refined environments.

Until now. New York based furniture and lighting designer Sergio Orozco has created a smart wall fitting that, rather than making the Edison bulb a retro pastiche, takes advantage of it's warm hues and recognisable design. The bevelled chrome 'halo' frames the bulb and creates a theatrical statement for hallways... and your IMAX Private Theatre.

Contemporary Classicism in Paris

Next up on the Ultraloft Inspiration tour is the home of couture fashion, classical architecture and a nonchalant design dialogue that's as elegant as the residents of it's perfectly planned streets. Paris.

With the Ritz being closed for renovations and not wanting to stray far from the eponymous Place Vendôme, Design Trawler checked in to the Royal Suite at the Westin Paris. Recently refreshed by Sybille de Margerie [who also worked on the Mandarin Oriental and the Louvre Hotel], the suite defines contemporary classicism. Rotating the formal seating area through 45 degrees and the palette of contemporary taupe, plum and geometric metalics gives the living room a 'modern luxe' timelessness.

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